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System Consultancy
Having exposure and experience from over 2200 projects undertaken, our system consultant will assist you to identify the needs of your organization.
Workflow Study
Identify actual and perceived sources of inefficiency, delay, duplication of effect, or wasted time that you want an ERP to alleviate.
It covers a band spectrum of activities from a detailed workflow analysis to the formal go-live of the new system.
User Training
User Training helps organizations ensure the success of their deployment and realize their investments in software.
Data Migration
It is the process of transferring data between storage types, formats or computer systems. Migration is usually performed programmatically.
I- System Consultancy / Work Flow Study
In order to better understand your requirements, our system consultant will assist you to identify the needs of your organization.
WorldOffices consultant will meet you face to face to apply our deep industry expertise and sophisticated methodology. The professional services we provide will help you implement and customize WorldOffices for your unique requirements, providing a platform from which you can significantly improve and grow your business -- while cutting costs out of your operations.
WorldOffices professionals have extensive experiences in implementing in many industries, including Trading and manufacturing firm for garments, toys, electronics, watches, medical equipments, furniture and others. Depending on your company size, budget and resources, WorldOffices has an implementation approach that's right for you.

II- System Implementation
WorldOffices uses a proven methodology named “WO Rollout” based on best practices from many industries. WorldOffices implementation methodology is a phased approach. The methods deployed are those that have most greatly benefited thousands of customers in their implementations. WorldOffices “WO Rollout” methodology consists of five key phases.

Phase 1- Consultancy
WorldOffices consultant will go hand-in-hand with you to identify the needs of your office and provide the documentation that describes the scope of the project, modules that required, needs of customization, workflow study, data conversion issue and a comprehensive project planning that will ensure a successful deployment of the system.

Phase 2- Customization
WorldOffices consultant and engineer will customize the system according to your requirements, in order to fit the workflow and business activities of your operations. WorldOffices will deliver the customized module to your company for you to perform UAT (User Acceptance Test). Upon successful UAT, we can then prepare for system live release.

Phase 3 - Configuration
Before system goes live, WorldOffices consultant and engineer will use a proven successful checklist called “WO go-live checklist” to ensure all the tasks are completed before going live such as data conversion of master file, running number setting, Volume test, users account setup, security and access right placement etc.

Phase 4 - Going-Live
Before going live, WorldOffices will ensure end-users receive sufficient training. No matter you are front line operators, managers, executives or system administrators, WorldOffices will provide training in different ways to fit your need based on your job roles.

Phase 5 – Post-Sales-Services
All customers are automatically enrolled in WorldOffices Support program, so you can use our self-help resources any time and call with questions. You can call our hotline during office hour.
- Dedicated Technical Support Representative - Dedicated Program Manager - Customer service hotline - Online support - Online case response in 2 hours

III- Data Migration
Data migration is the most important activity determining the success of an ERP implementation. Effectively migrated data is a demonstration to the stakeholders that the ERP system is an accurate reflection of their current organization. This increases their confidence in the system and in turn is a key factor in the ultimate success of ERP implementation.
We consider ourselves experts in data migration and can handle any form of data migration, from a simple import of customers to a complex import of transactional data.
Our standard way of performing data imports is to provide our customers with a set of pre-defined standard EXCELS import templates to be populated.

IV- User Training
WorldOffices Trainers offer a wide spectrum of training courses and formats, including classroom training at WorldOffices training locations; dedicated classes at your site and video-on-demand training via modern technology. Our in-house training professionals provide real-world expertise no other trainers can match.

You can call our customer services hotline and talk to one of our customer services representative to schedule and organize a training course which is suitable for your company.

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