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iTrader - Order Processing Systems
Customer Enquiry, Photo Offer /Quotation, SC, PI, P/O, Invoice, Packing List, Debit Note, Credit Note, Shipping, CRM, etc.
iManufactory - Manufacturing Systems
Order Processing System, Manufacturing Order, Job Order, BOM, MRP, CRP, Production Plan, Inventory Control, Production Payroll, etc.
iFinance - Financial Systems
Customer Leger, Supplier Leger, General Leger, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, T/B, Cashflow, etc.
iAnalyzer - Analysis System for CEO
Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Shipment Analysis, Cash Flow Analysis, Forecast Analysis, Stock level analysis, Business Analysis, etc.
iGlobalPortal - Global Portal Systems
The web portal for Vendor, Buyer, QC company and Marketing Company.
Auto E-Mail Alert - Order / Shipment Reminder
To automatically remind factory for shipment, customer for payment, warehouse for reorder level, etc.
EDI Link - Link with global buyers
Link with your global buyers/vendors such as Target, Wal-Mart, Wool worths, JC Penny, Best Buy, etc.
EAI Link - Link with business partners
Link with SAP system and the systems for Carrefour, BCBG group or your business partners, etc.
Human Resources Management (HRM)
To provide employee management and the related payroll management.
Project Development Management (PDM)
To Handle Internal and client projects, Centralize internal communication, Upload and share files, etc.
iShop - For retail and distributors
POS system for salesperson to enquire the price, stock, daily sales, etc.
CRM - Business Activities Monitoring
For any business activity, which are related to customers namely, marketing, sales, customer service and field support, etc.

iTrader – Order Processing System

Order Processing System is the major module of iTrader. iTrader is multi-company, multi-currency enable which suits your requirements and manages all key order taking, trading and production information functions, as well as providing a central focus of integration with other modules. It comes with the Master Table and Auxiliary Table.

The Master Table stores the detailed information of all your business partners, such as customers, suppliers, agents, banks and forwarders. It also stores the major information, such as products, employees, warehouses, product photos, related documents for companies and product development.

The Auxiliary Table stores all the complementary information to be used for further calculation and maintenance, such as countries, currencies, trade group, department, payment terms, categories, measurement, units, size, color, task and prospects.

The Order Processing System helps you to streamline the daily operation on order processing activities. Using the system, you can record detailed information of each trade. Based on the information maintained, a set of documents including quotations, photo offers, job costing sheets, proformas, purchase orders, job orders, employee finished slip, customer delivery note, inventory/material control notes, commercial invoices and commission invoices are produced.

The Order Processing System is divided into two major main screens: Sales and Purchase.

Sales System

Under the Sales System, users are allowed to prepare quotations/sample order, photo offers, and job costing sheet based on customer requirements. After the quotation/photo offers are confirmed by customer, the system can help users to generate the proforma/sales confirmation automatically. Based on the proforma (PI or S/C), users can prepare the corresponding invoice and packing list. Besides, the system can also generate Job Order/Purchase Order based on proforma provided by customers.

This system consists of three major steps:

  • Quotation

It allows users to enter the basic information needed for quotation. Moreover, it helps users to do price and cost calculation based on buying price/costs of material, markup, commission, freight charge, insurance and miscellaneous charges.

  • Proforma Invoice (PI) / Sales Confirmation (S/C)

It allows users to process the proforma information generated from quotation. After your customers have signed the proforma, users can use this screen to schedule the delivery of products. iTrader is capable of issuing forecast order and based on forecast order under the circumstances of without concrete order and issue production order.
Moreover, each item in proforma invoice can be attached a component/material breakdown. By using the breakdown table, user can generate purchase order of material/component corresponding to each proforma invoice.

  • Invoices & Packing List

After the products have been produced and delivered to customers, users can use this to generate Invoices and Packing Lists to customers. This process is also to facilitate accounting processing at a later stage to bridge to Account Receivable. At the same time, system can automatically update Proforma outstanding quantity if partial shipment is caused
Also, those invoices for head office will be attached a costing sheet for each product item.

Purchase System

Under the Purchase System, users are allowed to prepare quotations for the required products or the materials needed for each item. After the quotations are received from potential suppliers, users can use the system to generate a price comparison report to determine to buy from which supplier. Then a purchase order can be generated from Proforma based on the quotation received. Based on the purchase order, users can prepare the invoice and Packing List/delivery note to customer.

This system consists of three major steps:

  • Quotation Received

It allows users to enter the information of different quotations received from supplier. After that, users can generate a price comparison report based on the quotations so as to decide to buy the products from which supplier when generate Proforma/Sales Confirmation.

  • Purchase Order

After users have decided which supplier the company will buy products from, the system can generate purchase orders based on the information in Sales Confirmation.

  • Supplier Delivery Note

After the products have been received from suppliers, users can use this function to produce the supplier delivery note so as to facilitate accounting processing at a later stage to pay to supplier. At the same time, iTrader can automatically update P/O outstanding quantity if partial shipment is caused.

  • Debit Note

iTrader can help you to generate the debit note from the sales confirmation/invoice/accounting module and the charging system directly in order to accurately indicating the exact amount owed by your customer.

  • Credit Note

Not only the debit note, iTrader can also help you to generate the credit note. A note, issued to the company when goods are returned by them, which cancels the original invoice or short shipment. If the invoice has been settled before the goods are returned, the credit note will then entitle the holder to alternative goods (or sometimes cash) to the original value.

  • Linkage between Sales and Purchase System

To link up the Sales and Purchase System, the system provides a function to generate purchase order for products/material automatically based on the sales confirmation.

  • Enquiry Functions Provided

To facilitate users processing on an order, the system provides online preview of the product history with image, selling price, costing sheet, bill of material, inventory control and material control.

  • Security Control

In Security Control Module, administrator has the flexibility to define users in different security group and different security groups will have different level of accessibilities and functions. Administrator can adjust setting and group according to the change of the organization workflow and structure this gave the flexibility to your company on workflow without visiting the source code.

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