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Future Life / Life Style
Future Life / Life Style
In the future, people would like to work anytime and anyplace with iPad or Tablet PC. they would like to work under no pressure and enjoy their life.
Future Daily Operations
The operation workflow for business seems to never change: from Sourcing, Costing, Production and Shipment. But business environment is changing, people are changing, source material is changing. How can we easily cater these kinds of change?
The Future Way of Running Business
Worldsources and worldoffices can provide you the next 20 years business activities.
Nowadays, more and more people are looking for a relaxed working environment and no need to work at a specific place but with an iPad or tablet PC only. How can we cater this kind of future life? If there is a disaster or disease like SARS, would you prefer your colleagues to work at home? If yes, how would you do it? If you stay in Hotel, Factory or coffee shop, an IE or Safari to access your ERP should be a good choice.

What is future life/life style?
The tablet PC change our life style, no software is needed but safari and web platform for business is essential. People would like to work under sunshine, green trees, coffee shop, having a picnic or even when playing golf.

What will be their daily operations?
The operation workflow for business seems to be more or less the same: from Sourcing, Costing, Quotation, Photo Offer, S/C, PI, P/O, Invoice, Packing List, Shipping, Debit Note, Credit Note, AR, AP, GL, etc.. However, business environment is always changing, people are changing, sourcing material is changing. How can we easily cater for these kinds of change? Only Change is permanent.

WorldOffices – “The future way of running business.”
1. WorldOffices vision for the future is lay in the cloud computing, most of the software we use today has its origins in the pre-Internet era, when storage was at a premium, machines ran thousands of times slower. SMEs are running in the office with piles of paper that in the result of business transaction, retrieving and storing data usually are done by error prune manual process which become headache for many companies. But all this will be changed because of the advent of WorldOffices. WorldOffices. Worldoffices mission is to leveraging the internet and cloud technology to build the next generation of ERP for SME importer/exporter and deliver the solutions on a Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Imagine an office world of operating system should be nearly invisible. Good-bye to files, client apps, and onboard storage company will be more focus on their core business. Company can eliminate the need for complicated server installations and desktop software management. WorldOffices enables you to concentrate on growing your business, not on managing your software and infrastructure.

2. Flexibility that client server software cannot match. You will be able to access to the software anytime, anywhere in the world no matter whether you are working from your home, factories, coffee shop, branch offices or travel on a plane or train.

3. Tablet PC and iPad will reach 100 million units shipment in 2012. The application develop by WorldOffices will make use of the conventions made possible by advanced multi-touch, we’ll perform ever more complicated tasks by rolling, tapping, and drumming our fingers on screens.

4. WorldOffices will constantly come up with better ways to address your business problems with software delivered over the internet. Because the application is centrally hosted therefore you there is no need to install or upgrade them. You are always automatically using the latest and greatest version for your business.

5. And because WorldOffices applications are centrally hosted and delivered to you via your browser, there is no need to install or upgrade them. You are always automatically using the latest and greatest tools for your business.

6. At WorldOffices we’re committed to creating value for our customers by providing great software applications for businesses at reasonable and affordable prices.

7. Greener: Cloud solutions tend to be greener, as some of the infrastructure is co hosted and shared, some of the applications and solutions are fully virtualized and other design changes make the whole offering more efficient and thus greener.

8. Most managed services are looked after by dedicated teams per solution. This means that the solution is built by specialists that focus on the particular technology. The outcome is that the offering is more streamlined and a service runs within the best practice guidelines of the vendor and industry. This would be markedly different compared to “home” or internally built enterprise solutions that cannot emulate the level of a cloud service.

Worldsources and worldoffices can provide you the next 20 years business activities.
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